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Supercharge Your Warm-up, Workout & Recovery With A Massage Gun

Posted 2021 Sep by

Supercharge Your Warm-up, Workout, and Recovery With A Massage Gun

Every active person will know the struggle of being in frequent pain no matter how much you stretch after a workout. Most of us are also frustrated with the lack of progress we make in terms of muscle growth and strength. It’s especially hard when recovery takes way too many days out of your week and you’re itching to get back in the gym. Well, there’s a solution to all of these problems – there’s a product that makes the life of any exercise addict much simpler: that product is a massage gun. It’s the latest craze in the fitness industry, but it’s not just a fad. Using a good quality massage gun, like those from REBEL™, has a number of great benefits.

Pain reduction

Working out is often painful, and it makes sense why it is. You’re causing your muscles to break down and then be put back together, so no wonder it hurts! But the pain from a good session will often make performing everyday tasks more difficult and painful. This will be even worse if you’ve gone harder than usual or if your form wasn’t the best. Painful muscles, as you well know, will also interfere with your workout schedule. They make it hard to drag yourself to the gym, and they make it almost impossible to push yourself as hard as you need to and maintain proper form. The pain you frequently experience doesn’t have to become a huge part of your life, though. Using a massage gun reduces the inflammation causing you pain and it helps your muscles recover faster, which means it relieves the pain and tightness associated with hard exercise. Better yet, this isn’t the only kind of pain a massage gun can help you with! Pain caused by bad posture or injuries can also be relieved by this revolutionary hand-held device. Frequently using a massage gun means no more tight, sore muscles.

Faster recovery

For the same reasons that it will relieve you of pain, a massage gun speeds up the recovery process immensely. It aids in the breakdown of muscle and helps you recover more efficiently and much faster. This means you don’t experience as much pain and you don’t have to take as many rest days. You’ll likely already know that rest and recovery is just as crucial to growing muscle as exercising is; without time off, your muscles won’t have time to recover, they won’t grow, and you won’t get stronger and progress in your training. Using a massage gun will get you off the couch and back in the gym faster, which means you can have more sessions, which means more progress. Add in the benefit of supporting muscle growth and you have a recipe for success. Plus, not giving your body the chance to adequately recover isn’t just bad for muscle growth but it’s bad for your overall health too. Overtraining is a real problem that occurs when you push your body too far, and there are a lot of negative symptoms associated with it that can affect all parts of your life.

Improved blood circulation

Using a massage gun increases your blood flow. This means more blood is going to the affected muscles, helping them repair faster and recover much quicker. These are the obvious benefits, but there are more muscles in your body than the ones you exercise when you lift weights. Improving your blood circulation also has great benefits for the health of your heart and lungs, helping them function the way they should, and don’t we all want that? Additionally, good blood circulation is good for the immune system. As the blood circulates, so do the white blood cells that help us fight off disease. It enables your body to better protect you from things like colds and flus, and more serious illnesses too. Lastly, increasing your blood flow involves increasing the efficiency in which waste is removed from the body, enabling your organs to function the best they can. Poor blood circulation has all sorts of negative effects on your body, including fatigue, tiredness, poor memory and difficulties concentrating, making it something you definitely want to avoid. 

More muscle growth

We’ve touched on this above, but it’s worth reiterating. Growing muscle is often the main and sometimes the sole reason that people exercise at all, and we’re all desperate to get the most out of our training. The truth is, sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you eat, what supplements you take or how hard you push yourself, you just don’t progress as fast as you want. The recovery stage is where the muscle growth happens, and this can be hindered by many things; too much stress, not enough sleep, not enough food. Making it as easy as possible for your muscles to recover makes them grow faster, because it means you can achieve more sessions with better form and higher intensity. Using a massage gun has immense benefits for the speed at which your muscles grow. Apart from speeding up recovery, they also aid muscle growth by stimulating hormones and proteins that mend the muscles after breakdown. Lastly, incorporating a massage gun into your warm-up helps you prepare your muscles more effectively, making it easier to target them. 

Impact on mindset

We all know how a really good massage makes us feel, right? There’s a scientific explanation to that! Deep tissue massages release endorphins – which are often called feel-good chemicals because of their pain-relieving and mood-boosting properties – and increase serotonin, which is mood-stabilizing and increases happiness. There are not just physical benefits to using massage guns, but they actually have an unexpected impact on mood as well. Because of the chemicals released during use, they’ll make you happier and more content, and they reduce feelings of anxiety as well as symptoms of depression. So apart from the fact that being more pain-free will generally make you happier, there are real effects on your wellbeing from using a massage gun. This means massage guns aren’t just for those who work out a lot or for those who experience tightness and pain in their muscles – massage guns are for anyone who struggles with stress, low mood or anxiety as well.