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Top 9 Benefits of a Massage Gun

Posted 2021 Sep by

What was once seen as a niche product that was solely used for relaxation purposes, massage guns have become extremely popular as more and more people are aware of the many benefits that this form of therapy provides. If you are thinking of buying a REBEL massage gun, we’re about to share the top nine benefits that you can look forward to with regular use of your new gun. 

Better Circulation

Massage guns provide rapid, percussive vibrations that increase the blood flow within a localized area (i.e. the area you’re working on). That said, when used in conjunction with a full body massage, a massage gun can promote full body circulation, strengthening your body’s arteries and blood vessels. Signs of poor circulation include swollen veins, heaviness in legs and skin discoloration so be sure to keep an eye out for any of these symptoms. 

Sports Performance, Injury Prevention & Fast Recovery

Percussive vibrations help to promote the contraction of muscles in the body, resulting in the strengthening and lengthening of fascial tissues and muscles. It’s always a good idea to incorporate massage gun therapy into your post-workout routine as it relieves tension and helps muscles to relax. In terms of overtraining and injury prevention, the soothing effect that a massage gun provides heals damaged muscles, breaks down adhesions and increases the circulation of blood, nutrients and fluids that help to repair tissue quickly. 

Relieves Pain

Vibrational healing involves using a mechanical vibration to treat certain health problems or injuries. It’s a natural way to relax your mind and body, working to alleviate pain and discomfort. Similarly, by using the percussive treatment method, a massage gun offers the same benefit of vibrational healing as it sends vibrations deep into the muscle to the areas that need attention most. 


Massage is considered to be one of the most effective forms of injury healing as it helps to avoid re-injury and it accelerates regeneration. Massage guns are a great supplement to the traditional injury massage treatment cycle as they work in the same way to promote recovery to injuries that are caused by inflammation or trauma of weakened muscles. 

Helps to Release Lactic Acid 

The body produces lactic acid when oxygen levels are low. This normally happens during an intense workout, and the release of lactic acid into the bloodstream can leave the body feeling nauseous and fatigued. Massage guns work to expel lactic acid and other toxins from deep in the muscles to the outside tissues of the body. This helps to reduce the risk of soreness and exhaustion. 

Reduces Muscles Spasms 

Muscle spams and stiffness go hand in hand with an intense workout. When this happens, your muscles are starved of a healthy blood supply and you could end up suffering with severe spasms that are extremely painful. A massage gun will put enough pressure on your tendons, muscles and ligaments to make them relaxed. You can enjoy your workouts even more when you don’t have to worry about agonizing muscle contraction and tightness. 

Improves Range of Motion

All areas of your body – from the tendons and ligaments to muscles, joints and connective tissue – must work in sync to ensure full range of motion without discomfort. So what happens when one area is out of alignment? The answer is that everything suffers and your body will be more prone to all kinds of injuries. With regular and effective use of a massage gun, you’ll notice a difference in the strength and range of motion of your body. This is a particularly important point for yoga lovers who’d like to improve their routine with more difficult moves. 


Who doesn’t love the feeling of calmness and comfort? The benefits of total relaxation go far beyond all of the points we’ve just mentioned. Get your body in this state with regular use of a REBEL massage gun and you might just enjoy better sleep, an improved immune system and a decrease in negative feelings that can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Consisting of collagen fibers that help heal damaged body fibers, scar tissue is not identical to the body's natural muscle tissues. That’s why some scar tissue is so obvious in appearance.  Deep tissue massage can help to break down scar tissue by reducing inflammation and flushing out extracellular fluids such as venous blood and lymph fluid into the bloodstream. 

So now it’s time to ask; would you benefit from massage gun therapy? If your body experiences tension or stress doing everyday activities, the answer is yes. If you’re an athlete who wants to enjoy the many benefits of better blood circulation, the answer is yes. Are you a keen runner, swimmer or cyclist and you’re looking for ways to improve your post workout routine? The answer is yes. By now you’ll agree that just about everyone can benefit from using a REBEL massage gun regularly.