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What You Should Know About Using a Massage Gun

Posted 2021 Oct by

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in unique health and fitness routines that can truly enhance our lives and sense of well-being. New discoveries that make a difference quickly go viral and allow everyone to take advantage of treatments that were once the domain of star athletes or people paying thousands a year for a personal trainer or physical therapist. Some take advantage of new diets or intermittent fasting programs, while others have discovered new devices that can help them stay healthy and really improve their quality of life.

One of the most interesting and beneficial tools that has become immensely popular in recent years is the massage gun. While the concept for these devices is not new, the quality and price point of these percussive devices has improved in the last five years and they are now within reach of everyone. Star athletes and fitness leaders love them, and you'll see them on the sidelines of NBA games, at championship tennis matches and highlighted across social media. These healing tools provide vibrational and percussion therapy that allows you to provide precision treatment to muscles and deep tissue.

Look for Top Quality Engineering and Design

With any hot new product, you'll find a wide variety of offerings entering the market. It's important to select a top quality massage gun that has superior engineering and craftsmanship. These percussive tools will be used to directly treat your muscles and deep tissue, so it's critical that the motors are well calibrated and function precisely as designed.

Fortunately, price points are such that you can now afford to select a tool with excellent engineering and true professional craftsmanship at an affordable cost. You'll be able to select a professional tool like the star athletes use, at a reasonable price. The best devices on the market will serve you reliably for years to come. You won’t find better than REBEL massage guns. Check out the REBEL Pro here and the REBEL Mini here

Great Construction Improves Product Reliability

It's not enough to have great engineering. You have to translate design into great construction in order to create a truly top notch treatment tool. The device's components have to be sturdy to absorb and withstand constant, intense vibration and percussive force.

When shopping for one of these tools you should look for a shell that consists of integrated, heavy duty plastic parts that are thick enough to safely house the powerful components within. Additionally, it's helpful if the device has a coating to help further protect the device from wear and tear.

How To Use Your Massage Gun

One of the nicest things about these tools is that they are so easy to use. To begin, you'll want to turn the tool on and let the heads begin functioning and pulsing. You can then let the device basically pulse along the area that you want to warm up or that needs attention.

Using one of these massagers is fairly intuitive. You don't need to press down and put pressure on, since the device itself provides the percussion you need. As you move along the body, you may come across certain areas that have knots or soreness. Simply stay on that area a little longer and you'll get the treatment you need.

Pre-Exercise Vibration Therapy is Beneficial

While massage guns are typically thought of as recovery tools, it can be beneficial to use your device prior to your workout. When you use the massager to warm up, you can increase the blood flow to muscles that will soon be taxed by your fitness routine. Additionally, the pulsing of the device can activate your nervous system's fight-of-flight response and put you in the proper state for starting your intense work.

Ideally, you'll focus on the muscles that you plan on using during your upcoming workout. You can move the gun back and forth on the muscle, and should avoid pointing the device toward a joint.

They Help During a Workout Too

Your percussive device can also help with muscles that need some attention during your workout sets. If you feel a tight area developing during your routine, you can take a break before continuing and use your massage tool to help loosen up that specific area.

You'll want to be careful and not stretch the muscle out too much, as that would result in a decrease in the lifting or workout potential. If you use your device for around 15 seconds or so, you'll be able to loosen things up enough to continue your workout smoothly and safely.

Post Workout Massage Routines

As you work out, your nervous system and body go into a highly elevated state. It's important to bring your being back into a state of relaxation and rest after you complete your intense routines. You'll want to activate your parasympathetic nervous system in order to help your body move from exercise to recovery.

Your massage tool can help with this transition. Ideally, you'll want to spend a minute and a half to two minutes treating each of the affected muscle groups. Simply move up and down along the muscles, being careful to avoid direct pressure on the joints.

You Can Take Your Device Everywhere

When you are looking to purchase your percussive device, you'll want to consider the size of the machine. These tools often have a size profile that allows you to take them everywhere. This is beneficial because you can take time during the day for a quick treatment routine, relieving sore spots, knots or tightness, wherever you are.

You should look for a tool that packs all the power you need in a portable form factor. Many of the best tools also come with a handy, compact carrying case.

If you are serious about your health and about improving your fitness regimen, you should consider purchasing a top quality massage gun. It will help your prepare for your workouts, and can also benefit you between sets and improve your post-workout recovery routine too. With these wonder devices, it will be like you have your own massage therapist on call 24 hours a day.