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Why Celebs Are Obsessed with Massage Guns

Posted 2021 Sep by

In a world where looking your best and being your best is critically important, it's not surprising that celebrities are always on the lookout for the next best thing. They are constantly in the spotlight, so maintaining their image and peak performance is absolutely necessary if they are going to continue to succeed. Anything that gives them an edge that gives them a boost above their competition can pay incredible dividends. That's why you'll often see celebs, ranging from actors to athletes or social media fitness influencers, heralding the latest and greatest innovations to the world.

You'll often see a celebrity leading the way when it comes to new developments. Sometimes you'll find a celeb endorsing a new diet plan, such as keto or the intermittent fasting plan. Other times you might see a Hollywood star or athlete recommending particular nutrition supplements. Lately, though, one of the hottest items that athletes, stars and influencers are raving about is professional quality massage guns. These handheld devices provide massage therapy in the form of vibrations or percussive energy. With multiple settings, you can choose the perfect pressure for your body's muscles or aches and pains.

Massage Guns Are Fit for a King

If you are a fan of great NBA basketball games, you've likely seen star athletes using a percussive gun when they sit on the sidelines. LeBron James, or King James as he is known, was one of the early adopters who championed the use of the percussive device to help keep his muscles loose during times when he is on the sideline.

It's also been critical for LeBron to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the handheld tool as he strives to keep his body healthy and ready during the intense 82 game season. Interestingly one of the other top 5 players in NBA history, Kobe Bryant, was one of the first to use this technology. When the best ever players use these devices, you can be sure they are incredible tools.

Actors Can Have Intense Fitness Routines

When you are sitting in a theater enjoying a box office smash hit, you seldom think about the intense effort and preparation required for stars to perform all of the action scenes. They have to be in perfect shape to meet the requirements of the role and to have the energetic reserves necessary to perform for take after take. A two-hour action movie often takes one to three months of long days to film.

Actors often take on training regimen that includes strength training in the gym, running and other forms of strenuous exercise. Day after day of these intense workouts can easily take a toll on their bodies. To help rebound from their fitness routine, these actors use massage guns to slow down muscle breakdown and improve recovery time.

Staying Warmed Up and in Peak Form

We all appreciate the amazing success of our favorite star athletes. Their ability to compete, to conquer any obstacles put in their way and somehow come out with a win amazes us and we cheer them on. When you stop to think about the constant strain on their bodies, it's a wonder they can perform at such a high-level day time after time. One of the ways they stay in top form is by using innovative tools like percussive guns.

If you play any sport at a professional level, you face almost superhuman demands on your body. Top athletes, from soccer players to football players to tennis stars, all know that they have to stay warmed up and in peak form. There is no downtime in the middle of a sporting contest. By using a percussive device, you can keep your muscles loose and your circulation going so you are ready to go at top speed when you need it. This is critical when you are trying to play every game of a long season or are in an intense five set tennis match in 100-degree weather.

Perfect Preparation for an Actor's Workout

While we often think of using percussive massage as an after-workout routine, massage guns are perfect for keeping muscles loose during the day too. Some leading actors carry these compact tools in their backpacks so they can use it any time they feel muscle tightness or kinks that need attention. It's like having an on-call massage therapist who is always instantly there for you.

You can also use this technology to prepare your body for an upcoming workout. Unlike a massage, which might put you in a blissful comatose state not suitable for intense exercise, massage guns can improve your circulation and loosen up and warm up your muscles for the workout to come. One of the ways you can use the device as part of your pre-workout routine is to hold it about an inch away from your skin and let it pulse back and forth This helps improve your blood flow and relax your muscles too.

Extending Your Career and Playing Time

Whether you are an actor or athlete, one of your big concerns is how to get the most out of your career. In sports, your time on the field or court can often be fleeting as injuries take a toll and age begins to affect how you perform. Actors often find that their physical appearance really affects the roles they are offered, and age can also be a factor in career success.

These considerations lead celebrity actors and athletes to put in incredible effort and research into maintaining their peak and their youthful vigor and appearance. Every now and then a revolutionary tool comes along that really changes the health game. Percussion massage guns allow the celebs to maximize their health and their earning power too. Stars like Rob Gronkowski, who won four Super Bowls, rave about these tools and state that they are a perfect part of their overall health and professional fitness regimen.

If you are looking for the latest developments in health and fitness, you'll often find that celebrities are in the forefront of discovering the best new inventions. With so many leading actors, star athletes and influencers touting the benefits of professionally engineered massage guns, you can be sure their benefits would help your health and fitness routine too.