A massage gun reduces inflammation by removing extracellular fluids such as venous blood and lymph fluid from the muscle tissue. This helps to relax tight muscles, breakdown adhesions, and reduce muscle tension and soreness.

Faster Warm Up
Using a massage gun on the muscle group that you intend to train before exercise will help to prepare your body for activity. This means your stretching will be more effective, it won't take as long and you’ll be getting deeper into the tissues in
 your body.

Faster Recovery

Using a massage gun helps to reduce the delayed onset muscular soreness (DOMS) after a hard workout. The percussion vibrations help to stimulate and increase blood flow to deliver nutrients to the muscle. This makes the tissue more flexible and removes pooled blood. Using a massage gun also stimulates the natural hormones and proteins to repair muscle fibers so that they grow bigger 
and stronger.

Pain Relief
The repetitive delivery of high-powered pulsations into deep tissues in the body helps to work out knots and reduce soreness. It also reduces numbing and general aches and pains.

Stress Relief

A massage gun can help to reduce stress and muscular tension by encouraging the body to release endorphins, increase serotonin and decrease anxiety levels.

Improves Range Of Motion
Percussion therapy can improve range of motion and stretching capabilities. By focusing on connective tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, you’ll be stimulating the blood flow to the parts of your body that need it most. The pulsating vibrations help to strengthen and lengthen fascial tissues and muscles, keeping your body more flexible and less prone to injury.

Decreases Lactic Acid

The body produces lactic acid when oxygen levels are low. This normally happens during an intense workout, and the release of lactic acid into the bloodstream can lead to fatigue and cramping. Massage guns work to get rid of lactic acid and other toxins from deep in the muscles. This helps to reduce the risk of pain and fatigue.

First of all, make sure you’re ready to exercise in the case of a warm-up or in a comfortable spot for a cool down. The idea is to turn on the device first for a better grip and control, then just let it sort of float along your body by resting it against you without applying any pressure. Focus on any particularly tense zones but don’t force it down or press it deeply into your skin. Just glide it and allow it to do its job- remember that it is designed to pulsate so you don’t have to manually work it. Take long, deep breaths and let yourself relax. Feel the vibrations and let the senses of serenity, bliss, and relief wash over you.

Deep-Tissue / Percussion therapy entails treating muscles at a deeper level, while providing a high-intensity pumping action: Resulting in significantly reduced recovery durations, as well as pain & inflammation caused by extreme effort and strain.

The simple answer is; that when used correctly, a high-grade massage gun actually works better than hands. While an intense hand massage can be immensely beneficial - the precision, and constant delivery of the high-powered pressure of REBEL™ massage guns can be far more effective for stubborn or even chronic aches, pains, and inflammation.

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