1. Large ball

    Most communly used for all major group. Improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness post-workout with gentle oblique impact. Best for large muscle groups like glutes or quads.

  2. Soft ball

    Best for small muscle group. Improves recovery and reduces muscle soreness post-workout with gentle oblique impact. 

  3. Flat

    For all muscles and parts of the body and areas that need a little more help. Simulates a deep-tissue massage for optimal relation.

  4. Spinal

    Suitable for massaging neck, spin and achilles. Loosen up tough back tissue and improve flexibility with the spinal massage head.

  5. Cone

    Apply to massage Arm, bak buttock, tight and other muscles groups. Designed specifically to target problem areas and release muscle knots.

  6. Bullet head

    Suitable for deep tissue and trigger points.such as acupoints.

  7. Spade head

    Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts such as arm, back, buttock, tight, calf, etc.